Gruppo Bardelli S.p.A. is a member of the Green Building Council Italia, an association that promotes sustainable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly building, helping to improve people’s quality of life with the LEED® standards and certification

Certification CCC


CCC certification, introduced in 2002, is applicable to all products imported into and manufactured in china for sale on the Chinese market. The information specified by CCC certification generally concerns health and safety and, regarding ceramic tiles in particular, specifically refers only to tiles in porcelain stoneware with absorption equal to or lower than 0.5%. The certification is issued by bodies specially accredited by the Chinese authorities, which are all based in China.

Certification CE


Gruppo Bardelli S.p.A. has fulfilled the obligations arising from CE Marking for its products. Relevant commercial documentation can be consulted by distributors, professionals and users



Some of our mosaics, thanks to the Appiani Bio Shield+ finish, are the first to be made of antibacterial and permanent stain-resistant stoneware.

EPD (Environmental Product Declaration)


Gruppo Bardelli S.p.A. pays special attention to the independently certified and verified environmental product declaration (EPD ), which transparently and objectively expresses the environmental performance of a product throughout its life cycle (LCA – life circle assessment).