Ceramica Bardelli, Ceramica Vogue and Appiani guarantee the protection of the environment, the protection of employees and the community.

The value of sustainability is at the center of every corporate process of the Group, together with the awareness that economic success, sustainable and profitable growth are inevitably connected to a commitment to respecting social and ecological standards.


More concretely: in the production plants, in addition to minimising energy consumption through responsible and efficient behaviour, all ceramic waste is utilised in the production process and up to one hundred per cent of production wastewater is recycled, contributing daily to safeguarding the environment in which the plants operate.


All the packaging of the Group’s brands is made of recyclable natural materials, thus encouraging the entire supply chain that uses Bardelli products to adopt sustainable disposal. This concrete operation in the sense of environmental protection is also certified by membership of the ‘Green Building Council Italia’. Bardelli products are awarded the prestigious eco-sustainable ‘Greenguard Gold’ certification, which attests to the low level of release of volatile substances in indoor environments.

But sustainability is only one aspect of the Bardelli Group’s social commitment in a broader sense: as a leading Italian ceramic industry, the Group’s social responsibilities are at the forefront of its corporate policies. For more than 20 years, Bardelli has formed important partnerships under the banner of solidarity and social responsibility.


The Group’s important goals would not have been achieved without the People who are its most important resource and value.

People who today are part of a large family where we constantly invest in their personal and professional growth.

The Bardelli Group is made up of specialised teams that manage the company’s various processes: production, sales, logistics, R&D, innovation and marketing.

There are also the people who from the outside live in and are part of the Bardelli family and who are witnesses to the quality of the product and service.

And finally there are the people who for years have been customers with whom the Bardelli Group has established a lasting bond of trust and mutual respect by sharing passion and innovation.

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