Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran put to good use their personal paths of work and study in Design, Art and Fashion and in 2003 they founded Dimorestudio. From that moment on, each project has been conceived and developed in a personal and recognizable way: objects from the Masters of Design live together with salvaged objects and others designed "custom-made" to better create and shape a precise atmosphere. A timeless visual and emotional journey. A research rich in details such as to make simple, and for that very same reason sophisticated, every realization, every sign, every proposal, every suggestion, innovation and quotation. A language built from the set of emotional alchemies made of mistakes, recoveries, inventions, enhancements of prints, lights, lacquering and oxidation. An uncensored aesthetic where each selected element has energy and expressive citizenship, because it tells as a protagonist a part of the whole. Dimorestudio interprets memories and realizes dreams, moving between design and art, between architecture and fashion.