A world of shapes and colour

The perfect mix

Common formats

Interior Design experts are familiar with the vast choice of different formats and colours.
Let’s start with mosaic, an excellent solution for customising showers, splashbacks, niches with a unique accent.
The Colore collection is realised with the single-firing technique, which makes it possible to obtain small tiles characterised by solid and mélange colours. Small and very small sizes, 2.5×2.5 cm and 1.2×1.2 cm for impact and abrasion resistant tiles.
Regolo is characterised by a strictly rectangular shape, perfectly smooth and with sharp corners. The thickness of 7.2 cm and the 7.5×30 cm format make the collection well suited to a need for modularity. It adapts to elegant rooms with a modern style, bringing back an atmosphere of order and cleanliness.
Square in shape, 15×15 cm is its size, the Regolotto tile is suitable for the most intimate and informal areas, and is capable of enhancing contemporary elegance.
The kitchen, for example, can be decorated using these special ceramic tiles.
The resistant and durable material is very easy to clean and can withstand prolonged use.
Libra has a diamond shape with rounded corners that give the wall three-dimensionality. Perfect for both domestic and industrial environments, it can easily adapt to the needs of very different spaces.
A timeless taste, a line with attention to detail, light effects.

In terms of colouring, the choice falls between a plain-coloured tile and one with texture. The advice is to place plain-coloured tiles in spaces with a particularly heavy décor in order to balance the whole.
Conversely, textured tiles can be applied to ‘bare’ rooms that need an extra sprint to look complete.

The idea pool

The perfect pool enclosure combines aesthetics with functionality, being elegant, sophisticated and safe at the same time. It is very important that those who use the pool receive all the necessary care, avoiding the danger of a slippery and imperfectly clean floor. Many resort to the use of ceramic mosaic, which easily adapts to the needs of the pool and perfectly resists water and prolonged use. Mosaic offers a long range of possible designs, from geometric and stylised patterns to shiny solid-coloured floors. Different possibilities that meet the needs of pool owners and future users. Whether it is a private pool or a facility within a spa or hotel, the choice of the perfect tile remains one of the most important elements. One must not underestimate the power of the tile, which will be able to completely change the vision of the pool.

What is the perfect tile size for your home?

Tiles can be used as floor and wall coverings, adapting to the needs of all spaces in the home.
From the bathroom to the kitchen, passing through the living room: we analyse the surface to be tiled in each room of the house and study the most suitable laying design in order to make our environment immediately more special and suggestive.
What are the current trends? What suggestions do we pick up every day from the web or by leafing through magazines?

Choosing the perfect tile shape is one of the most important aspects. The correct format can change the perception of space, improving the final appearance of the room.
And the reference style? It is best to identify it before indulging in the choice of format.