Welcome Gruppo Bardelli

A company with a solid family history, now in its third generation, capable of combining the tradition of ceramics with innovation, research and creativity in design, positioning itself on the market internationally as the Bardelli Group.

Ceramica Bardelli, Ceramica Vogue and Appiani, three realities, each with its own identity and function, now make up the Bardelli Group, which from 2022 will recover its historical name, identifying an uninterrupted family and entrepreneurial path over the decades.


The continuous search for and selection of the best raw materials, the technical specialisation of its brands, the strong sense of responsibility for ecology and the environment, and the guaranteed quality enhanced down to the smallest detail, has led the Group to grow nationally and internationally by playing on the strategic dialectic between the three brands that compose it, to exploit the unique synergy between modern industrial processes and refined decoration techniques, which constitutes the Group’s strong point in the sign of the best Made in Italy.

Towards the future with a return to the origins to express the values of three generations of entrepreneurs with a consolidated know-how to bring Italian excellence in ceramics and ceramic mosaic to the world.