How to choose the perfect tile

The right choice for every room

If you are in the process of deciding what materials to use for your home and are wondering about the advantages of ceramics, you are in the right place. With this guide, we will explain the many reasons why ceramics are a reliable choice.

Every room has its own mood

Designing a home requires time and experimentation, concentration on the choice of materials and individual products.
Every area of the home needs to be studied and treated with the right amount of care.
Mosaic is an excellent ally in the construction of the perfect design, especially because it is very versatile and incredibly resistant.
Durability is high, and if the choice falls on the new Lapis collection, so is antibacterial protection.

Which cladding do I prefer for my kitchen

The kitchen is often defined as the ‘heart’ of the home, the home environment where the family gathers, the private world, the nest. The design of this space should be functional yet cosy, with a strong focus on small details.

The advice is to choose a ceramic tile, to be cleaned simply with a cloth dampened with warm water and a quick wipe of the hand. By choosing from Appiani’s selection, you will be able to identify plain-coloured tiles to use for the floor and decorative mosaic to use for the backsplash (or splashback).

Aesthetically pleasing, the colours of the Lapis ceramic mosaic have a technical plus thanks to the new finish applied to the surface that helps neutralise unpleasant odours, making the home environment healthy.

Inspirations for the bathroom

Bathroom tiles must be extremely resistant and, above all, able to withstand water and moisture.
Perfect for this purpose are porcelain stoneware tiles, a material capable of completely avoiding the absorption of liquids and brilliantly resisting wear and tear.
You can choose the style you prefer, relying on your personal instinct.
There are those who love strong contrasts, those who prefer neutral colours and those who like to choose unusual formats. Regolo is the rectangular version of the structured tile, offered with a matt, textured ceramic surface.
Colours that are not too light for the area next to the sink will be the most suitable, so as to avoid the sight of unsightly water drops.