The infinite decor to customise every wall

Are you familiar with the single-firing technique?


The most interesting and special aspect of using ceramic mosaic is the possibility of creating unique and customised designs.
The wall that houses the mosaic becomes a small work of art, which fully reflects the wishes and ideas of the consumer.
It is called ‘custom create‘, the possibility of creating a custom design unlike any other. The ceramic mosaic allows this design to be carried out effortlessly, occupying the space of a floor or wall.

Ceramic cladding works perfectly in both domestic and industrial environments, from hotels to uffici, fine spas and architectural and interior design studios.
By exploiting Made in Italy production techniques, it is possible to obtain mosaics that are also very different from each other and that change the perception of space.

Creating a customised design

A number of modern companies offer their customers the possibility of creating a customised design, responding to everyone’s needs.
Appiani, which has been in the ceramic industry for years, allows its customers to quickly create a customised mosaic using small tiles.

Colour, shape and size are chosen in cooperation with the customer, in order to meet the customer’s demands and specific needs as far as possible.
The individual tiles are single-fired, made using a special technique that results in a stronger and more durable product. The aim is to create a safe space that can remain intact for years to come.

When deciding on a custom-designed mosaic, it is important to choose the right range of colours.
Ideally, no more than four different colours should be combined, so as to balance the final appearance of the work and make it look neater.
Soft, delicate colours are best suited to enclosed spaces, while brighter shades create interesting contrasts with the natural colours of the outdoors.
Swimming pools and outdoor spaces are more suitable for large, intensely coloured mosaics, while indoor rooms require a more minimalist and less intrusive design.